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Version: 1.0.0

Migrate From Vite


Vite plugins like unocss are deeply integrated with Vite, these plugins may not be compatible with Farm due to the difference of internal design. You can try other method like unocss postcss plugin as walk-around.

Migrating from Vite is really simple as Farm is Vite-compatible. All you need to do is transforming vite.config.ts to farm.config.ts:

  • Refer to Configuring Farm for mapping farm config options to vite config options.
  • For Vite Plugins, move plugins in vite.config.ts to vitePlugins in farm.config.ts.

Note that:

  • Some Vite config options is not needed in Farm, like optimizeDeps, you can ignore these options when migrating to Farm.
  • For SSR, you need to refactor it to Farm SSR

We have migrated a Real Vite Admin Project to Farm. Check this migration example for details.