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Version: 1.0.0

Rust Api

You can create a Farm Rust compiler in your rust code. Example:

use farmfe_compiler::Compiler;
use farmfe_core::config::Config;

// create farm compiler
pub fn create_farm_compiler() {
let config = Config::default();
let extra_plugins = vec![];

let compiler = Compiler::new(config, extra_plugins);


// compile the project
pub fn compile() {
let compiler = create_farm_compiler();

// perform hot update
pub fn update(compiler: Compiler) {
let update_result = compiler.update(vec![(String::from("/root/index.ts"), UpdateType:Update)], || {
// called when all update(including resource regeneration) finished
}, true);

// handle update_result...

Farm Rust compiler is exported by farmfe_compiler crate. Refer to farmfe_compiler documentation.