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Version: 1.0.0

Shared Options

Configure shared options for Both Farm's DevServer and Compiler. Example:

import { defineConfig } from "@farmfe/core";

export default defineConfig({
// All dev server options are under server
root: process.cwd(),


export interface UserConfig {
/** current root of this project, default to current working directory */
root?: string;
clearScreen?: boolean;
envDir?: string;
envPrefix?: string | string[];
/** Files under this dir will always be treated as static assets. serve it in dev, and copy it to output.path when build */
publicDir?: string;
/** js plugin(which is a javascript object) and rust plugin(which is string refer to a .farm file or a package) */
plugins?: (RustPlugin | JsPlugin | JsPlugin[])[];
/** vite plugins */
vitePlugins?: (object | (() => { vitePlugin: any; filters: string[] }))[];
// /** config related to compilation */
// compilation?: Pick<InternalConfig, AvailableUserConfigKeys>;
// /** config related to dev server */
// server?: UserServerConfig;


  • default: process.cwd()

Configure the root directory for project compilation. All relative paths are relative to root during compilation.


  • default: true

Whether to clear the screen when start to compile the project.


  • default: <root>

Configuring the directory to load .env, .env.development, .env.production files. By default it's the same as root.

import { defineConfig } from '@farmfe/core';
import { resolve } from 'path';
export default defineConfig({
envPrefix: ['FARM_', 'CUSTOM_PREFIX_', 'NEW_'],
envDir: resolve(process.cwd(), './env'),

In above example, will load .env, .env.development, .env.production files from <root>/env directory.


  • default: ['FARM_', 'VITE_']

Env variables starts with envPrefix will be injected define automatically.


  • default: public

Files under publicDir will always be treated as static assets. serve it in dev, and copy it to output.path when build.

For example, you can add static assets like font to public dir and using them as /xxx.ttf.


  • default: []

Configure Farm Plugins. See Using Farm Plugins


  • default: []

Configure Vite/Rollup/Unplugin plugins. See Using Vite Plugins